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Monday, February 4, 2008

Print File and Folder Name List in Notepad


Have you ever wanted to print file or folder name list out ? Sometime you backup music file to a CD and want to make file name list for your CD cover, or you want to make a photo list. It will be inconvenient if you type many file name by your hand. Fortunately some programs have a function to list all file names which are in a folder. I have an easy way to print that file name list by using ACDSee Program. you have to install ACDSee program at first then do these steps.

  • Open ACDSee program.
  • In the left hand. Choose the folder you want to list the files.
  • Now the files you want to list appear in the right hand.
  • Press Ctrl+G then all files are listed in Notepad program.
  • Save the page as a dot txt (.txt) file.

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