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Monday, February 4, 2008

How to protect your computer with advanced backup and recovery?


A backup is a duplicate copy of a file, program or disk that can be used if the original copy is lost, damaged, or destroyed. Thus, if you regularly take backups of your sensitive data or programs and update them as and when needed, system failures can be covered easily through these backups. For example, in Norton Ghost, you can takes backup of your complete system within minute. Norton Ghost by Symantec provides us a complete solution of system backup. Norton Ghost has a very simple wizard base control panel to help the all level of users. Norton Ghost offerings with the full system backup and restore, partition backup, file and folders backup, backup using compression and encryption and incremental backups also.

Using Norton Ghost, you can create the image of full hard disk to another hard disk, or image of one partition to other partitions. You can store this image to almost any media CD/DVD, USB, external storage device, zip drive and network drive also. You can download this tool for any windows version using Symantec website. Download it and run the easy setup.

After installation launch Norton Ghost, the first screen will appear with title “Norton Ghost Year”. First click on “Backup” (Backup your computer to a Ghost image file) link and then click on Next button to start backup process.

Here you can select disk or partition to backup, If you want to create backup of your C drive (windows with all installed programs), then select only C drive under “Source” section. Now under destination section, select the option “File” (hard disk) or “Recordable CD or DVD” (if you have CD/DVD writer and empty writeable CD/ DVD) and click Next button.

Now click on Browse button to choose destination drive then enter image file name and click on “Save” button.

Again press the Next button to open Advance settings (optional setting), click on advance settings button, if want to choose compression, image password and others features.

Now click on Next button to view the summary. Press “Run Now” button to start process

Here a message will prompt you, save your data and close all open application.

When you pressed Ok button, your system will restart to run Norton Ghost (DOS base process).

In DOS mode, System will take time (depends upon your data size) to complete the process and then you view and verify backup file in normal mode.

Now you can use this backup files (using Restore option) to restore system backup when you will need or move to any other computer.

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