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Monday, February 4, 2008

Defragmenter Program to Optimize the Placement of Files


This utility program is used to re-organize the files and un-used space on the hard disk, so that operation system can access data more quickly and easily. When operating system stores data on the disk, it stores the data in the first available sector on the disk. In this case data of a file is stored on disk in a scattered form; it is referred to as “File is fragmented”. The fragmentation slows down the data accessing speed of computer. You can improve the performance of your computer by de-fragmenting your hard disk. In De-fragmentation process, the data of each file is stored in continuous sectors. There are many third party software’s available in market for this purpose but you can use windows built-in utility program called Disk Defragmenter. To start disk defragmenter utility, first make sure all running program are closed.

To run disk defragmenter utility, go to the Start button and type dfrg.msc in Run option then press ok. Now here a disk defragmenter window will appear. Select any drive and press defragmenter button. If you have a large hard disk, this process can take several hours. I recommend you doing this after one month if you want to improve the performance of your computer.

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amber said...

In order to defrag my large drives fast, i have installed an automatic program which runs without obstructing other PC operations and defrags even large amounts of data in a very short time. Not only is this time saving, it keeps the drives free from stress (combined with regular diskcleanups) and hopefully the drives will live their entire life! A drive crash can be the mosttragic of PC problems!




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