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Monday, February 4, 2008

Create “Command Prompt” in Context or Popup Menu

If we want to access to a folder in DOS prompt, we normally run the cmd command and get to that folder. However, I have another way to access to it by right-clicking on folder and selecting Command Prompt in the menu. This is easy to create like creating “Copy to Folder” in context menu that I wrote long before. OK, let you follow the steps below.
  • Open Registry Editor by running command regedit.
    Run Registry Editor, regedit command
  • Access to the path below,


  • Right click on the shell folder and choose New > Key.
    new > key"> new > key">

  • Name the new key Command Prompt.

  • Right click on Command Prompt and choose New > Key.
    Command Prompt new key

  • Name it Command.

  • In the right page of the Registry Editor window, double click on the Default. See the picture below,

  • Type Cmd.exe /k cd “%1″ then click OK.
    put Cmd

  • Now you obtain Command Prompt in Context Menu, try right-clicking on a folder you want to get in.
    Test Command Prompt

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