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Monday, February 4, 2008

The File Splitter : Freeware for anyone

Someone who like to upload files into the free file hosting may face a problem with the file size limitation. How can we solve this problem ? I recommend dividing a file into a number of fragments as you want and upload them. Fortunately we have a software called The File Splitter that help you split a file to many file pieces. Certainly each file piece is a file that has smaller size than the original file. Therefore you can upload the files to various hosting. Others who download your files can assemble them to be an original file itself though they are scattering in many file hosts. While you are splitting a file, The File Splitter creates an appended file in dot exe format used for assembling all your split files, just double click on it. Let try it now.
  • Download The File Splitter software right here and install it.
    The File Splitter Version 1.31
  • Open the software.
  • Choose file to split.
  • Choose folder you want to store your file pieces.
  • In the Size of Pieces dialog, select Custom size in drop-down options.
  • Fill in the size of pieces you prefer it to be and click the Split button. Finish !

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