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Monday, February 4, 2008

Best Laptop for Students


Top laptops for a College/University Student

What makes a laptop good for a student? What specifications/specs are needed?

Students today need laptops because internet has become world`s #1 teacher. The amount of information you can find is astounding. Aside of the internet, a handy student laptop is his/her best weapon; whether to create a Powerpoint presentation, wheter to let yourself into a hardcore gaming experience, or whether to find a useful information on a subject.

So, here are the top 5 things you should consider when buying a laptop for a college student:

1. Portability. I can`t stress out how important portability is. You have to have your laptop by your side when you drink coffee, when you chat with friends, when you attend classes, and it must not be a burden to you.

2. Wireless connection. If you had nothing but internet, that would be it. Having a connection anywhere is an essential asset for your laptop. Don`t miss on it.

3. Battery life. A battery with life more than 5 hours should suffice.

4. Price. The laptop you are going to buy has to be affordable, because you know how expensive student life can be.

5. Usefulness. Ok, so it has to be cheap, but what good can it be if the laptop is cheap, but can`t do all the tasks ? That`s why you have to measure the quality with the price, and find the best balance, as always. Don`t rush yourself into buying a cheap laptop that can`t do anything, or buying a super l33t h4xx0r dual core monster if you plan working in Word.

So, with that being said, let`s take a look at my personal best choices for the best laptop for a college student:

1. ThinkPad T43 Intel Pentium 1.86GHz Notebook PC
My all time favorite. Light, yet very powerful and portable. You might want to check it out right now.

2.Panasonic ToughBook CF-72 Notebook PC
Quite expensive, but powerful. It`s very light, around 3.4 pounds, and recommended.

3.Dell C600 Notebook PC
Reacts very good when multitasking. This one might be for the ones that are always in hurry, and doing multi tasks.

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