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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Photoshop Pictures of President Barack Obama - FUNNY!

Photoshops of President Barack Obama
Edited Funny Pictures of Obama

obama_smoke.jpg (325×439)
Obama the President - smoking it up! Marlboro ad!

303188VCEB_w.jpg (500×667)
Ain't he ugly? Ugly Obama

BarakaObama.jpg (354×500)
Obama - sci-fi version - Star Trek or Star Wars!!
godscrackobamavg0.jpg (620×596)
Obama the Superman goes for a dunk! AND he completes a slam dunks Hillary Clinton!

2711280494_c777d288ed_o.jpg (648×864)
Time for Chance - $20 Cuts - Get Obama Afro Haircuts
obama-biden-46307.jpg (500×422)
Brokeback Obama - Brokeback Mountain! featuring Obama & Jo Biden
throw-obama-from-the-train-40681-th.jpg (205×274)
Obama with long ears - head out the train!

hillary_obama_photoshop.jpg (600×850)
Life made easier - you don't have to choose between Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama - both combined candidate

obama-terminator.jpg (326×308)
Obama the Terminator - Obamanator! or "Oh-bomb-a-nator"

Note: These funny pictures are only for entertainment, and by no means they express the political views of this blog owner. Just laugh & share & forget!

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