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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Amazon Kindle 2010 - the New kindle is here (Reading tool)

The New Kindle 2010 is here
Kindle information & Price

Price: $189 that connects to amazon, Wi-Fi only is $139
more information at the bottom

Unboxing the Kindle

IMG_0775.jpg (525×392)
Inside the box there are two more boxes - isn't that interesting
IMG_0776.jpg (525×392)
The boxes separately
IMG_0778.jpg (525×392)
There you go - Amazon Kindle in the open

IMG_0783.jpg (525×392)
Amazon Kindle all pouched up and ready to be used
Here are views of another blogger on this piece of technology:
• It is noticeably lighter and smaller than the Kindle 2, but still feels solidly made. It seems to be a more rugged than the previous model.
• As I noted in the earlier blog post, the page-turning buttons are very sensitive and are very easy to hit just in casual handling of the device. For example, I reached down to pick it up off a desk and immediately turned a page. I did it again when handing it to a co-worker. This was a major design flaw in the original Kindle, may be an issue in this one, too.
• The e-Ink screen does seem to refresh faster, and indeed the contrast is much better. I think the Kindle's screen beats the iPad for reading, and this improved display will only cement that . . . at least, until Apple puts the Retina Display screen from the iPhone 4 on the iPad.
I'll spend some time reading on the new Kindle and report back with a full review soon.

Enjoy & share!

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