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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Beautiful art on the windows of cars - Dirt art on cars - Pictures

Beautiful Art in Ugly Cars
Dirty Art on Car Windows
these drawings are made out of the dirt on the rear windows of cars
dirty-car-art-04.jpg (552×350)
Happy Hollidays - Peace on earth - it's better than those bumper stickers!!

dirty-car-art-01.jpg (276×175)
What a view through the back-window
dirty-car-art-08.jpg (552×350)
Ronaldinho - this is what you call football fever (or soccer fever if you are in North America)

dirty-car-art-27.jpg (276×175)
Isn't that artistic? a bat drawn through the dirt at back of car

dirty-car-art-02.jpg (276×175)
Who's This? Albert Einstein
dirty-car-art-07.jpg (552×350)
A Texas car with a "pet fest" drawing on it - mini cooper art
dirty-car-art-12.jpg (552×350)
Flower growing inside the van i Suppose - Ford Minivan

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