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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Apple Ipad Pictures Funny / Mockery

Funny Pictures of Apple IPad
Making fun of how big the Ipad is!
ipad-02.jpg (277×192)

IPad - not too much different from a rock or a stone!
ipad-03.jpg (555×330)
iPad - "our technology at a price" - Apple

ipad-01.jpg (555×804)
That's why you'll need a change of Pants... with a big ass Pocket

ipad-05.jpg (555×400)
iPad or iLame - what's the difference "sorry we wasted your time"
ipad-14.jpg (555×435)
Put four iPod Touch together, you get an iPad

ipad-08.jpg (277×200)
iPhone with a magnifier - that's your iPhad - oh sorry, iPad

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