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Monday, March 12, 2007

Bluetooth Laser Virtual Keyboard!!!

Well, technology innovations like these can anyday, anytime produce paroxysms of tech lust in anyone, never mind the gear heads among us. We here at MastySpot normally tend to take notice when amazing stuffs like these roll out, even though its off the topic! Really, innovations like these leaves me pondering on how one can come up with ideas that's completely out of the blue or if i may say out of this world!

Here's a glimpse of what the future has in store for us! The folks at Think Geek were lucky enough to test this future device in the form of Bluetooth Laser Virtual Keyboard. Yeah! you got it right, it is a bluetooth laser keyboard. Let me get to the point before I get emotional. So how does this device work? The tiny device, which is just about the size of a cigar lighter, when switched on projects a 63 key / full sized QWERTY keyboard layout on any flat surface and you can then type away accompanied by simulated key click sounds. You can surely witness jaws dropping the moment you pull this baby out of your pocket and use it with your PDAs, handhelds or cell phone.

The Bluetooth Laser Virtual Keyboard allows the convenience of regular keyboard typing in a tiny form factor and if that's not all, it is compatible with PalmOS 5, PocketPC 2003, Windows Smartphone, Symbian OS, and Windows 2000/XP. Measuring just about 3.5 inches high, it houses a long lasting battery that can deliver 120 minutes of continuous typing when fully recharged. Priced at $179.99, this surely is a must buy product.

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