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Friday, March 9, 2007

CPR instructions on a glove

Science and technology are going really far with advancements now. Scientists are coming up with things we can't even think of. For example, recently, 2 students at McMaster University of Hamilton made an invention that is a glove with a digital screen on top of it. With this glove CPR would be made easier. People would then know how to give proper CPR.

Anna Nicole, an Americal model, who died last month, her body guard gave her CPR for quite some time but she couldn't be saved. This bodyguard was trained for medical purposes but he still failed to save her. CPR doesn't always work but there is a chance that it wasn't practiced properly over Anna Nicole. If the bodyguard had this "glove" may be he could have saved Anna.

But that was just an example I could think of. These cases occur every day that people have heart attacks and CPR is not properly done and patients die because of the heart attack. So, this invention will help in these situations.

Inventors of this invention say that the total cost to make this was $250 (all the parts that make up this "glove"). But they also say that it would be cheaper to produce them if parts of this "glove" are not bought separately. So, when they come out in the market, they wouldn't be too expensive.

This invention is quite useful since it guides the people how to perform CPR when its needed, and good thing about it is that it gives step-by-step information, as it required while performing CPR. This thing makes it easier for everybody to use it.

Below is the link where you can read an article on it in The Toronto Star:

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