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Friday, July 9, 2010

Ten Unique Telephone Booths (10 Amazing Phone Booths_

Ten Unique Telephone Booths
10 Most Amazing Phone Booth/Payphone
Uniquely Amazing phone booths from around the globe

1. Found on Lake Victoria in Uganda, this veryunusual payphone is a in fact a solar-powered, GSM phone – and therefore wireless – used by locals just as any other payphone would be.Uganda-payphone.jpg (200×154)

2.Developed by Michael and Susan Katzev, the underwater phone booth seen above was designed in order for divers to be able to contact people at the water’s surface by phone; in turn negating the need to physically resurface should contact be necessary. The booth, which takes the form of an air-filled acrylic hemisphere, also makes it possible to change or fix faulty equipment whilst remaining on the sea bed.
Underwater-phone-booth.jpg (450×610)

3. Found in Fairbanks, Alaska, and is one of many that have been carved from solid ice as part of Ice Alaska, an annual Ice Art Championships - a phone booth made of Ice
alaska-ice-phone-booth.jpg (225×300)

4. The Aquarium Phone Booth was unveiled in Lyon last year as part of the Lyon Light Festival and instantly drew crowds. The booth’s designers are Benoit Deseille and Benedetto Bufalino
aquarium-phone-booth.jpg (450×342)

5. Spotted in Gendron, Belgium last September, this greenery-covered example is surely one of the most dilapidated telephone booths on earth and a stark sign of the times.
Telephone Booth Covered in Bushes - Green Telephone Booth
Dilapidated-telephone-booth.jpg (450×517)

6. Recently introduced in Finland are these modern equivalents to the telephone booth; essentially a comfortable, semi-secluded seat in a public space.
Chair Phone Booth - Comfortable Telephone Booth - Public Phone Booth
Finland-telephone-booth.jpg (450×530)

7. An incredibly extravagant payphone situated in the body of a decorative leopard. This booth can be found in Brazil, a country where payphones are known as ‘orelhões’ (’big ears’) and very often take the form of animals.
Leaopard Skin Payphone - Leapord Phone Booth
leopard-phonebooth.jpg (450×572)

8. The Mojave Phone Booth at one point became so renowned that a movie was produced in its honour. Its Located in a desert in area of Mojave. Has been removed since 2000.
Mojave-Phone-Booth.jpg (450×360)

9. In year 2006, the red phone box in the photo above appeared overnight and ‘landed’ in Downtown Los Angeles, to much speculation. It wasn’t long before famous street artist Banksy was identified as the brains behind the stunt; a fitting tribute – we think – to a cultural icon that will soon be a distant memory.
Red Phone Box - Red Telephone Booth - Los Angeles Downtown Payphone
Red-phone-box.jpg (225×194)

10. A solar-powered telephone booth in Australia. Just one of many now found in hotter climates around the world.
Payphone in Australia - Solar Powered Phone Booth - Solar Telephone Booth
Solar-powered-telephone-booth.jpg (225×169)

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